Meso Day 2021

In previous years we have had visits from our collaborators in the Ronson Lab from Otago NZ. During these visits, we were able to put together an annual symposium showcasing research between the Ramsay Lab, Ronson Lab and Centre for Rhizobium Studies at Murdoch University. Due to COVID19 the visit from our NZ team unfortunately could not happen, but we were able to catch up online and hold a semi-virtual day. The different time zones made things a bit tricky, but Clive and his group were very committed, staying with us until after 8pm! Thanks to everyone involved, and special thanks to Josh and Elena for organising the event.

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Welcome Honours Students

We are happy to have our summer scholarship recipients Nicola, Jake and Beatrice stay on with us for their honours this year. Nicola is working on further characterising conjugative plasmids and their